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Swing Bed Program


Swing Bed Services – Skilled & Intermediate

After surgery or hospitalization, some patients require additional care. Our Swing Bed Program is 24-hour skilled nursing care plus the benefit of rehabilitation therapies to help patients transition home or to a long-term care facility. Swing Bed can be utilized to help rehabilitate from surgery, illness, or an accident. It acts as a bridge between the patient’s stay at the hospital and their return home to give them time to heal.

Patients who would benefit from Kiowa District Healthcare’s Swing Bed Program are those who have already been in the hospital for at least 3 days but require additional nursing care and/or rehabilitation services daily. Stays usually last from one to three weeks.

Examples of patients that would be appropriate for our program are:

  • Joint replacement patients or other orthopedic surgery patients needing frequent physical therapy

  • Stroke patients who need to improve their level of functioning with continued therapy

  • Cardiac patients needing skilled activity programs following a heart attack or acute episode of congestive heart failure

  • Patients requiring wound management/ sterile dressing changes

  • Patients with long-term illnesses such as cancer or immune deficiency disease

  • Patients recovering from illnesses requiring continued IV therapy

Our focus is to improve the functional, nutritional, and medical health of every patient so they can return home. Our team of doctors, nurses, and therapists, along with a social worker, dietitian, and case manager will work with you, your family, and your physician to create a customized treatment plan designed to help achieve your treatment goals.

KDH’s Skilled Swing Bed service can accommodate a patient’s unique needs. We can care for patients who are on ventilators, have a tracheotomy, are bariatric, or require TPN/PPN.

Recover from your illness or injury close to home in the comfortable, healing environment of Kiowa District Hospital.

Call 620-825-4131 ext. 1063 to discuss options with the Director of Nursing.

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