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Financial Services

Patient Privacy

Kiowa District Healthcare’s patient financial services team considers it a privilege as well as a responsibility to make sure that every patient has a positive experience with our organization. To help ensure all phases of your health care experience are positive, we would like to provide you with information about your registration and the billing services.

Privacy Practices

Kiowa District Healthcare takes your privacy seriously. The privacy of our patients and employees is one of our greatest concerns. We are required to keep your personal and medical information confidential before, during, and after your visit.

Our dedication to privacy extends beyond our doctors and nurses to include everyone employed in our healthcare family. We want you to feel safe knowing your personal and medical information is protected throughout Kiowa District Hospital and Manor.

Notice of Privacy Practices

If you are concerned your privacy may have been violated or have any privacy questions, please call the Kiowa District Healthcare Privacy Officer, Lynne Johnson at (620) 825-4131.

Our Pledge

Kiowa District Healthcare patient and resident privacy is valued in most confidential manner by all our staff and governing body.

We do not sell, distribute, barter or transfer personally identifiable information obtained from a user to a third party. Any information collected on the web site will only be used for the purpose stated, Kiowa District Healthcare will not send you unsolicited e-mail, or share your information with any other companies.

Patient Information We Need In Order to Serve You

  • Kiowa District Healthcare will bill your insurance company on your behalf for payment of medical services. This includes Medicare and Medicaid. KDH will bill additional insurance payers if you have more than one. In order for us to do this, you must provide coverage information to the admission staff at the time of service/ treatment.

  • Kiowa District Healthcare requires that you give us your complete health insurance information when you register. This includes the following:

    • A driver’s license or photo ID

    • All insurance cards and authorization forms

KDH Standard Charges

In compliance with Section 2718 under the Affordable Care Act, Section 1886(d)(4) of the Social Security Act, and the 2019 IPPS final ruling, Kiowa District Hospital has made publicly available in machine readable format a list of our standard gross charges.


This list of gross charges reflects the standard charges for inpatient and outpatient services provided at Kiowa District Hospital. The hospital’s charges are the same for all patients, but the patient’s financial responsibility for services provided may vary, depending upon payment plans negotiated with individual health insurers as well as reimbursement schedules set forth by public payers such as Medicare and Medicaid. Patients should contact our business office staff for any questions or assistance. These charges do not include items or services that may be billed separately for physician services, lab, diagnostic services, etc.


We encourage our patients to check with your insurance company to best understand the benefits and out of pocket responsibility for the medical services chosen.  This file may not always reflect current pricing and is not suitable for the purposes of estimating patient liability.  Please contact the KDH business office at 620-825-4131, if you have questions.

Click to access Resources to Better Understand Your Health Care Costs

Understanding Your Hospital Statement and Insurance Claims

Thank you for choosing Kiowa District Healthcare for your health care needs. Our mission is to provide quality care close to home.  We understand hospital statements and health insurance claims can be confusing. We want to help you understand how we bill patients and how to receive information on financial assistance if you are unable to pay.

  • Please respond promptly to requests you receive from your insurance company. We try to provide all information and paperwork to your insurance company. However, sometimes an insurance company needs a response from you to resolve issues related to your account or coverage. The balance owed will become your responsibility if your insurance company does not make payment within a reasonable period of time (usually 60 days after billing) or does not respond to our attempts to resolve payment matters on your behalf.

  • Your separate physician bill. You may receive bills from physicians or specialists who diagnose and interpret tests and treatments you receive while in the hospital. Often you do not see these specialists in person. They include pathologists, radiologists, anesthesiologists and others. If you have questions about these bills, please call the number printed on the statement you receive from them.

  • Please call us if you have any questions about a bill. If you have questions or concerns about your statement, please call (620) 825-4131 extension 1008. Your physician may order tests or procedures that your insurance company does not cover. In these cases, check your health plan handbook or call the telephone number on your insurance card for more information. 

  • Please make timely payments on your portion of the bill. Payment for your hospital and manor statement is ultimately your responsibility. At the time of service or discharge, you may be asked to pay deductibles, co-payments or other self-pay amounts due. You may be asked to pay if you do not have insurance coverage for your hospital services. For your convenience, Kiowa District Healthcare accepts cash, personal checks, debit cards, money orders and credit cards. Payment plan options are available to those who qualify.

  • Please let us know if you think you may have problems paying your part of your bill. Please contact the Kiowa District Healthcare Business Office if you are having financial difficulties paying your bill.   Business office or billing staff can discuss payment options that may be available to you. These include:

  • Extended payments

  • Government programs

  • Charity care/patient assistance

Charity and Patient Assistance Programs

Our mission is to care for all patients regardless of ability to pay. No patients are denied medical care because of a lack of health insurance or concern about paying. Kiowa District Healthcare offers Charity Care and Patient Assistance Programs that provide free or discounted services to patients who qualify.

If you cannot pay your part of the bill in full, the business office staff will work with you. We will help you develop a payment plan for your particular situation. If you do not have insurance or funds to pay your bill, there are options for you. You may qualify for one of the government programs that will pay for your services. KDH will help you by understanding your situation and assisting with the application process.

To help determine if you qualify for Kiowa District Healthcare’s Charity Care and Patient Assistance Programs, KDH:

  • Uses income guidelines issued by the United States Department of Health and Human Services

  • Considers all of your financial assets and liabilities

  • Requires you provide personal and financial information

KDH Sliding Fee Discount Program


    All patients seeking health care services at Kiowa District Healthcare are assured that they will be served regardless of ability to pay. No one is refused service because of lack of financial means to pay. This program is designed to provide free or discounted care to those who have no means, or limited means, to pay for their medical services (uninsured or underinsured).

    Kiowa District Healthcare will offer a Sliding Fee Discount Program to all who are unable to pay for their services. Kiowa District Healthcare will base program eligibility on a person’s ability to pay and will not discriminate on the basis of an individual’s race, color, sex, national origin, disability, religion, age, sexual orientation, or gender identity. The Federal Poverty Guidelines are used in creating and annually updating the sliding fee schedule (SFS) to determine eligibility.

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