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Group Discussion

Patient & Family Advisory Council

Mission Statement

The Patient and Family Advisory Committee will create positive changes in our healthcare delivery system by fostering an environment where patients and family members feel respected and empowered to be partners in their health care.


Our Vision is that Kiowa District Healthcare patients and their families will have a positive, compassionate and supportive health care experience. To achieve this, collaborative involvement of patients and their families is essential and welcomed by the entire healthcare team at KDH.


  • Identify from the patient and family point of view what defines a remarkable patient and family experience

  • Advise on focused topics to refine or improve opportunities for excellent patient and family experiences

  • Champion initiatives that enhance experiences, safety and outcomes for patients and families

  • Promote the hospital’s mission, vision and values among patients and family members in the community


At a minimum, at least 50% of council members shall be current or former patients or family members.


Patients, family members and staff from Kiowa District Healthcare and its affiliated service lines are eligible to be members of the PFAC.  Members should be committed to building a culture of collaboration and partnership among patients’ families and staff.


Meetings will be held every other month starting in December 2019.


Successful committee members should…

  • Come with an open mind and a positive approach.

  • Be willing to willing to share opinions, experiences and constructive feedback.

  • Have good listening skills.

  • Be open to different points of view.

  • Be able to work with individuals whose backgrounds, attitudes and approaches may be different from their own.

  • Be committed to finding solutions.

  • Be interested in impacting our community.

  • Show discretion and respect confidentiality.

Is being a KDH Patient and Family Advisor right for you?

Being a KDH Patient and Family Advisor may be a good match with your skills and experiences if you can:

  • Speak up and share suggestions and potential solutions to help improve hospital care for all.

  • Share your experiences as a patient or family member being mindful and forward thinking beyond your own personal experiences.

  • Talk about both positive and negative care experiences, sharing your thoughts on what went well and how things could have been handled differently.

  • Work with people who may be different than you.

  • Listen to and think about what others say, even when you disagree.

  • Bring a positive attitude to discussions. 

  • Keep any information you may hear as an advisor private and confidential.

To apply to the KDH Patient and Family Advisory Council, click here. 

PDF version of application is also available. Please click here for printable copy.

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