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History of the Kiowa District Hospital

In 1949, the Hospital Construction Act was passed by the Kansas Legislature which allowed the formation of hospital districts for the purpose of voting bonds for hospital construction.  Land on Drumm Street between 8th and 9th were donated by Warren “Racehorse” Jones.

Glenn Benedick of Wichita was hired as the architect and the first bond election for $70,000 for construction of a three bedroom, one-story brick hospital-clinic carried 510 to 94 on May 19, 1950.

Haskard and Haskard of Hardtner were awarded the construction contract on September 15, 1950.  Because of the start of the Korean War, construction costs had soared and the original bond election was only sufficient to build the hospital with no funds left for the equipment.  Another bond election for the amount of $25,000 for the equipment was passed on December 7, 1950.

On August 16, 1951, Dr. H.E. Huston of Cherokee, Oklahoma, coming out of retirement, opened the new district hospital-clinic.  He was joined on March 1, 1952, by Dr. L.W. Patzkowsky and on June 3, 1952, by Dr. Nova L. Morgan.

Dr. Huston resigned in September following a heart attack, and Dr. Morgan left in November.  Dr. Patzkowsky leased the facility on April 1, 1953 and Dr. M.D. Christensen became his partner three months later.

By 1958 the hospital had added eight patient rooms, moved the lab and kitchen, added a nurses station and utility room, enlarged the surgery and added a doctor’s lounge.

By 1963 another addition was planned including a complete delivery suite (labor room, delivery room, scrub-up area, clean-up area, four semi-private beds, and a nursery with a separate examining room and a formula preparation room), three private rooms, office space, an emergency room and new laboratory as well as other modifications and storage areas.

The Kiowa Hospital District began active control over the hospital on January 1, 1965 from the doctors who had been leasing the entire operation.

Extensive additions were made to the Clinic in 1981, including two offices for the doctors, and six examining rooms, with an enlarged business office and a new waiting room.  Renovation of the hospital offices were completed in 1982.  Another remodeling project at the hospital was the addition of a new emergency room on the south side of the building with a new drive and a covered entrance that was completed in 1986.

After 62 years a new Kiowa District Hospital was built in the community.  The 25,300-square-foot building is a replacement for the 1950s-era facility.  The ground breaking ceremony for the new hospital took place on October 18, 2012 and was open in April 2014.  The project cost $8.2 million and was funded through the Barber County’s public bonds commission and a USDA loan. The Friends of the Kiowa District Hospital and Manor Foundation provided the gaps in funding.

Renovating and adding to the old 20,141-square-foot hospital was considered, but ultimately it was determined to be more cost effective to build a new medical facility.

The final plans included an attached clinic, which shares an entrance and lobby with the hospital.

Wichita’s GLMV Architecture designed the facilities master plan that will allow the hospital and clinic to expand over time.  GLMV worked with Texas-based MW Builders on the project.

The Kiowa District Hospital is one of 83 critical access hospitals in Kansas. Critical access hospitals are typically those serving rural areas.

Vital Dates in the history of the Kiowa District Hospital

  • February 6, 1950
    Petitions presented to Barber County Commissioners.  Hospital district formed by action of County Commissioners.

  • February 20, 1950
    First meeting of the new hospital district.  A temporary Board of Directors elected: A.J. Reed, chairman; Max E. Guthrie, vice chairman; Clarke C. Mcllree, secretary; John D. McGee, treasurer; and Lester Wiley.

  • March 17, 1950
    Glenn E. Benedick, Wichita, employed as architect

  • March 21, 1950
    Warren Jones donates building site, including his home.

  • May 5, 1950
    First annual meeting of hospital district.  Same board re-elected.

  • May 19, 1950
    First $70,000 bond election carries 510 to 94.

  • September 6, 1950
    Opening of bids.  All above estimate.  Board enters negotiation with Haskard & Haskard.

  • September 15, 1950
    Contract entered into with Haskard & Haskard.  $64,840.  Construction starts.

  • November 30, 1950
    H.E. Huston, M.D., leases the hospital subject to approval of contract at annual meeting.

  • December 7, 1950
    Second bond election $25,000.  Carries 216 to 50.

  • May 18, 1951
    Second annual meeting of district.  Lester Wiley re-elected to Board of Directors.  Contract with Dr. H.E. Huston approved.

  • August 16, 1951
    Open House of the Kiowa District Hospital

  • August 19, 1951
    First baby born at new hospital: Lex Dean, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Eckert

  • March 1, 1952
    Dr. L.W. Patzkowsky joins the hospital staff.

  • June 3, 1952
    Dr. Nova L. Morgan joins the hospital staff.

  • July 1, 1953
    Dr. M.D. Christensen joins the hospital staff.

  • 1956
    Additional patient rooms, surgical rooms, and dietary department were added.

  • 1957
    John McGee resigned from the board of directors to become the first administrator of the hospital.

  • 1964
    Additional patient rooms and OB delivery rooms were added.

  • January 1, 1965
    Kiowa Hospital District began active control over the hospital from the doctors who had been leasing the entire operation.
    Dr. Jorge Mestas joins the hospital staff.

  • 1980
    Buck McKinney (August 1980 to January 2000) becomes the second administrator of the hospital after John McGee’s retirement.

  • 1981
    Extensive additions were made to the Clinic including two offices for the doctors, and six examining rooms, with an enlarged business office and a new waiting room.

  • 1986
    Renovation of the new emergency room on the south side of the building with a new drive and a covered entrance.

  • July 1, 1998
    Hospital purchases the nursing home: Kiowa Hospital District Manor

  • June 2000
    Steve Ashcraft from the Rural Health Development becomes administrator of the hospital

  • October 18, 2012
    Groundbreaking for new 23,500 square foot, $8.3 million dollar Critical Access hospital.
    MW Builders President Jason Evelyn & GLMV Architect Mark McCluggage

  • April 2014
    New Hospital opens to the public


  • Dr. Walter j. Pettijohn
    August 11, 1938 to 1945

  • Dr. Brownell
    1946 (for a few months)

  • Dr. Robert L. Demke
    September 1948 to January 1949

  • Dr. H.E. Huston
    August 16, 1951 to September 1952 (first doctor at new hospital)

  • Dr. L.W. Patzkowsky
    March 1, 1952 to August 22, 1975

  • Dr. Nova L. Morgan
    June 3, 1952 to November 1952

  • Dr. Marion D. Christensen
    July 1, 1953 to December 31, 1994

  • Dr. Norman Marvin
    March 1960 to April 1963

  • Dr. Jorge Mestas
    1964 to 1969 (specializing in Radiology)

  • Temporary Physicians since 1975-1981:
    Dr. Eduardo Medrano

  • Alberto Amaris
    July 7, 1976 to

  • K.P.C. Nair

  • Dr. John Pyles

  • Sam VanLandingham

  • Dr. Sidney Wayne Stranathan
    1981 to December 31st, 2004

  • Dr. Alberto Rodriguez
    1982 to 1984

  • Dr. Gerald H. Siemsen
    September 16, 1991 to

  • Dr. Renata Munari
    June 1, 1995 to 1996

  • Dr. Marcia Drewry
    May 8, 1997 to March 8, 2000

  • Dr. Paul Gerald Wilhelm
    February 2006 to Present

  • Dr. Christie Leal
    February 2, 2015 to September 30, 2016

  • Dr. Joseph Cwik
    August 2016 to 2018

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